Websites and outreach

Apart from articles and raps, I enjoy working with web design and outreach projects.

Science websites

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ATLAS e-News

Made by Colin Barras, I've been maintaining this website since May. I've made a few improvements "underneath," such as adding more css code to streamline the formatting. I've also designed and have implemented a revised archive section, and I updated the filing system to accommodate our burgeoning content.

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Cosmic Ray Website

I built this website for an outreach project at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, introducing high school students to cosmic rays and detectors. The groups visit the cyclotron and perform the experiment, for which I also wrote directions.


Experiment instructions

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Instructions for a Cosmic Ray Experiment

This is a set of instructions for high school students who visit the cyclotron and participate in a cosmic ray experiment.  It explains how the detector works, shows a diagram of the detector to highlight switches, states the procedure for the experiment with a space to record data, and provides analysis questions to help the students make sense of the data.