Science Rap

If you've heard of me, it's probably as 'Alpinekat,' LHC rapper. Below, you'll find info and video for my raps, current and previous. Or, you can check out other science rappers.

thumbnail -- earth with cosmic ray detector

Black Hole Rap

No, high-energy proton collisions are not going to create an earth-swallowing black hole. Rhymes to tell you why the folks at CERN are sure of the LHC's safety, with a few familiar LHC dancers and some new ones. Plus Will plays some rockin' guitar.



thumbnail -- earth with cosmic ray detector

Rare Isotope Rap

When I was first approached about a rap on the upgrade to the nuclear lab where I'd done research as an undergrad, I thought it would be patched together like the LHC rap. Instead, they handed me a crack team of video production and animation students and profs.

Will on beats again, also featuring the voice of the Serendipitous B.O.B. Check out animations by Matt Bambach.

Rare Isotope music and lyrics


The notorious Large Hadron Rap

So much came out of this that it gets its own page. It includes some media highlights, materials from the SciCom08 confrence, how the "links and lyrics" page came to be, and tells the story of how the media interest unfolded.

The not-so-notorious N3UR0CH!P

My very first recorded rap, which probably wouldn't have come to be without encouragement from James Riordon, one of my bosses at APS, and the SPS interns from the summer of 2007. Will Barras had nothing to do with these much-maligned beats ;)