Michigan Engineering - selected articles

1 October 2013. Liquid biopsy could improve cancer diagnosis and treatment

17 September 2013. Radiation camera could transform nuclear safety

19 August 2013. Microbial team turns corn stalks and leaves into better biofuel

7 July 2013. Stretchable conductors for elastic electronics

13 June 2013. Squashing superbugs

13 May 2013. Solving the case of the herringbone nanocrystals

28 March 2013. Light may recast copper as chemical industry 'holy grail'

25 March 2013. Paint-on plastic electronics: aligning polymers for high performance

28 February 2013. Restoring U-M's most extreme windows

5 February 2013. Nanoscale drug carriers get trapped by red blood cells

11 January 2013. Slashing exposure time for plasma imaging


A mostly complete record up to February 2012.


7 February 2012. ScienceNOW. The unusual physics of floating pyramids

2 February 2012. Physics World. Magnetic field brakes millisecond pulsar

2 February 2012. ScienceNOW. Two-dimensional glass

31 January 2012. Physics World. Heating cools a semiconductor

27 January 2012. ScienceNOW. The North Star may be wasting away

25 January 2012. Chemistry World. Conjuring graphene oxide from thin air

19 January 2012. ScienceNOW. Electric material in mantle could explain Earth's rotation

19 January 2012. Physics World. Early massive black holes could grow it alone

15 January 2012. Chemistry World. Stripped-down spectroscopy to probe single molecules

13 January 2012. Physics World. Copper collisions create much strangeness

11 January 2012. Nature News. Engineering slimmer solar cells

6 January 2012. ScienceNOW. Gold nanostars for targeting cancer

3 January 2012. Physics World. Bulging fibre excels at storing light




16 December 2011. Chemistry World. Radical experiment assesses interstellar nitrogen

14 December 2011. Chemistry World. Artificial intelligence for quantum chemistry

13 December 2011. New Scientist. Facial recognition software spots family resemblance

8 December 2011. ScienceNOW. Self-lubrication speeds avalanches

6 December 2011. Physics World. String theory calculations describe 'birth of universe'

2 December 2011. New Scientist. Hunting for black gold in the oil and gas industry

29 November 2011. Chemistry World. Print quality CNT transistors

25 November 2011. COSMOS. Cosmic rays may be born in superbubbles

22 November 2011. Physics World. Physics of writing derived at last

16 November 2011. ScienceNOW. Flexible ears help bats tune in

15 November 2011. Chemistry World. Shedding light on ultracold reactions in space

7 November 2011. Chemistry World. Spotting artery damage before a heart attack

4 November 2011. ScienceNOW. Fundamental constant may depend on where you are in the Universe

3 November 2011. Physics World. Memristor memory could be used in wearable electronics

26 October 2011. Chemistry World. Dismissing gatekeepers for enhanced nerve control

19 October 2011. Chemistry World. Ironing out wrinkles in graphene nanoribbon fabrication

30 September 2011. Nature. The seven suns of Rome

Sept/Oct 2011. Imagine. Physics is...

22 September 2011. ScienceNOW. Physicists devise perfect magnetic shield

21 September 2011. Chemistry World. Laser can detect explosive traces

16 September 2011. Physics World. Quantum Hall confirmation

15 September 2011. New Scientist. Oil and gas careers project.

14 September 2011. Physics World. Black holes act as galactic thermostats

1 September 2011. COSMOS. 'Impossible' ancient star defies models

18 August 2011. Physics World. Cubic neutrons might find it hip to be square

11 August 2011. Physics World. Hi-tech tattoos could monitor brain waves

11 August 2011. ScienceNOW. Pushing light beyond light speed

10 August 2011. Chemistry World. Building flexoelectric effect from the ground up

9 August 2011. Physics World. LEDs illuminate room with data

2 August 2011. Chemistry World. Hacking into chemical cell phone calls

1 August 2011. New Scientist. Live disc implant could kill back pain

1 August 2011. Physics World. Extraterrestrial life could be extremely rare

27 July 2011. COSMOS. Physicists zero in on Higgs boson hiding place

26 July 2011. Chemistry World. Transparent lithium ion batteries

22 July 2011. Chemistry World. Self-assembling DNA carves out niche

22 July 2011. COSMOS. Evolved stars locked in fatalistic dance

22 July 2011. ScienceNOW. A submarine that doesn't make waves

15 July 2011. New Scientist. Dark energy fingerprints found on cosmic radiation

15 July 2011. ScienceNOW. A high-bandwidth interplanetary connection

12 July 2011. Chemistry World. Bit part for diethylfluormalonate in reaction model

11 July 2011. Physics World. How to make a superlens from cola cans

6 July 2011. New Scientist. Natural antioxidants could scupper tumour's detox

6 July 2011. Physics World. Quantum memory works at room temperature

16 June 2011. Chemistry World. Nanomaterial dust no worse than the rest

16 June 2011. Physics World. Peer pressure keeps young planets growing

April-May 2011. I wrote and laid out a report for the European Commission on behalf of CERN's Super LHC Preparatory Phase (SLHC-PP) project. The pdf can be found on the SLHC-PP website.

24 May 2011. New Scientist. Confusion over nuclear fission

19 May 2011. New Scientist. Weird unparticle boosted by Tevatron signal

16 May 2011. New Scientist. Graphene may reveal the grain of spacetime

18 April 2011. Chemistry World. Shaping crystals with bio-tools

13 April 2011. Chemistry World. Microrockets aim at cancer diagnostics

12 April 2011. Physics World. Crystallography reveals nature's antifreeze

4 April 2011. Physics World. Thin film's 'astonishing' ability to rotate light

31 March 2011. Chemistry World. Water result for Li battery technology

27 March 2011. Chemistry World. Nanotubes make 'exceptional' strain sensor

25 March 2011. Physics World. Heaviest antimatter ever discovered

23 March 2011. New Scientist. Proton puzzle: trouble at the atom's heart (feature)

10 March 2011. Chemistry World. Aerosol data from BP oil spill

7 March 2011. Physics World. 'Jumping' artificial atom is tracked in real time

2 March 2011. New Scientist. Sweat ducts make skin a memristor

2 March 2011. New Scientist. Shaped pulses make opaque material see-through

23 February 2011. Nature News. Testing the expanding universe

22 February 2011. Physics World. Will the LHC find supersymmetry?

16 February 2011. Physics World. Metamaterial breaks refraction record

2 February 2011. New Scientist. Atomic disguise makes helium look like hydrogen

1 February 2011. Nature News. Superfluid state for young neutron star?

1 February 2011. Physics World. Theorists turn to graphene for clues to Higgs

31 January 2011. New Scientist blogs. LHC's planned upgrade delayed by a year

27 January 2011. New Scientist blogs. Parallel parking for pedestrian health

6 January 2011. New Scientist. Clusters show how first cells could have divided




21 December 2010. New Scientist. Thinnest camera ever sees like a trilobite

17 December 2010. New Scientist. No black holes found at LHC – yet

15 December 2010. Physics World. Quantum theory survives latest challenge

14 December 2010. New Scientist. Metamaterials offer path through looking glass

9 December 2010. New Scientist. Infrared add-on could let cameras see cancer

6 December 2010. New Scientist. 'Lightfoil' soars on a stream of photons

29 November 2010. Physics World. Dark matter linked with missing antimatter

24 November 2010. New Scientist. Sea of photons act as one 'super-photon'

18 November 2010. New Scientist. New evidence for weird quantum supersolid

17 November 2010. New Scientist. Antihydrogen trapped at long last

17 November 2010. New Scientist. Mirror trick could boost Blu-Ray discs

16 November 2010. New Scientist. How to cloak a crime in a beam of light


New Scientist Internship

22 October 2010. Galaxies get real when the dark side warms up

20 October 2010. All-electric spintronic semiconductor devices created

11 October 2010. Giant Antarctic balloon sees surprise cosmic rays

7 October 2010. First frictionless superfluid molecules created

30 September 2010. Random numbers created out of nothing

23 September 2010. Large proton halo sparks devilish row

22 September 2010. How wind may have parted the sea for Moses

22 September 2010. Just chillin – molecules that steady quantum computers

22 September 2010. Large Hadron Collider spies hints of infant universe

18 September 2010. World's smallest fridge could chill quantum computers

14 September 2010. Quark excitement: LHC surpasses rivals for first time

14 September 2010. M-theory: Doubts linger over godless multiverse

8 September 2010. Exotic matter could show up in the LHC this year

1 September 2010. For self healing concrete, just add bacteria and food

27 August 2010. Black holes + dark matter = light

26 August 2010. Human cannonball astronaut: my rocket is my clothes

20 August 2010. Closing in on the inflaton, mother of the universe (lead story)

19 August 2010. Infrared chlorophyll could boost solar cells

19 August 2010. First gold-iron alloy shows power of magnetic attraction

18 August 2010. Atom images raise quantum computer hopes

17 August 2010. Milky Way magnets solve cosmic ray conundrum

11 August 2010. Atomic Jenga could turn domestic refrigerators green

3 August 2010. Cheap lasers could capture electrons in motion

16 July 2010. Silicon chip speed record broken on lead-coated track

7 July 2010. Incredible shrinking proton raises eyebrows

7 July 2010. Microwave universe: Planck's first hi-res image

2 July 2010. Supernovae don't make the biggest atoms

2 July 2010. How the moon got its whiskers

30 June 2010. The long quest for the origin of mass (Book review) (blog version)

23 June 2010. Wanna build a quantum computer? Try silicon wafers

23 June 2010. Free-falling atoms will put relativity to the test

15 June 2010. Aspirin and dental floss: homespun high energy physics

15 June 2010. Thank the Soviets for Afghan mineral bounty

9 June 2010. Deter quantum hackers by hiding the photon keys

9 June 2010. Snake populations plummet

2 June 2010. DNA logic gates herald injectable computers

27 May 2010. DNA replication... without life

26 May 2010. Muon whose army? A tiny particle's big moment (feature)

26 May 2010. Giant airship to carry science back to 1930s

17 May 2010. Mysterious ball lightning may be a hallucination

12 May 2010. Quantum space monster leaps from a gravity well

9 May 2010. Eye-squint-cheek-bulge means 'ouch'

6 May 2010. Evolution gave flawed eye better vision

5 May 2010. Earth's twisted heart changes the length of the day

30 April 2010. Melting icebergs boost sea-level rise

28 April 2010.Bubble-blowing black holes explain stellar dearth

23 April 2010. Decaying beauty spied for first time by LHC

21 April 2010. World's third-largest dam gets the go-ahead



14 April 2010. New Scientist. Entangle qubits for a true random number machine

7 April 2010. Chemistry World. New form for an old fuel

17 February 2010. New Scientist. Atomic fountain reveals gravitational red shift

7 February 2010. Chemistry World. Closure on a knotty problem

3 February 2010. New Scientist. Nature's hot green quantum computers revealed

24 January 2010. New Scientist. Pebble splashes break the speed of sound

22 January 2010. Chemistry World. Chaos at French nanotech debates

15 January 2010. Chemistry World. Capturing carbon with copper

8 January 2010. New Scientist. How to make a liquid invisibility cloak


ATLAS e-News

27 April 2010. Changing the TRT gas

13 April 2010. Need for speed, Profile: Rachid Mazini

29 March 2010. Profile: JB Blanchard

8 March 2010. A particle primer

22 February 2010. Profile: Rolf Seuster

9 February 2010. Celebrating women at CERN

25 January 2010. Can't stop the run. Profile: François Butin

13 January 2010. Weltmaschine in Heidelberg. Profile: Attila Krasznahorkay




26 November 2009. New Scientist. Superconductors can come in from the cold

4 November 2009. New Scientist. Switzerland, career paradise

August 2009. Symmetry. Not a moment to lose at the LHC

24 July 2009. New Scientist. How to make ice melt at -180°C

19 June 2009. Physics Buzz Podcast. Maxwell's Demon is back


ATLAS e-News

14 December 2009. First physics with the LHC

30 November 2009. Beam is back

16 November 2009. Analysis tutorials, Profile: Yongsheng Gao

2 November 2009. Monte Carlo 09 presses on, Profile: Hans Peter Beck

20 October 2009. Complete for 2009

5 October 2009. Accelerator on track, Profile: Sandra Horvat

26 September 2009. An impromptu poster competition

7 September 2009. Profile: Lidia Smirnova

27 July 2009. TRT track trigger

13 July 2009. LHC plans and schedule, ATLAS 'til beam, Profile: George Mikenberg

29 June 2009. Return of the ID Compressors, Profile: Brigitte Epp

2 June 2009. Category 1: on shift

18 May 2009. The good, the bad, and the flawed

4 May 2009. Profile: Marco Aurelio Diaz

23 April 2009. Cavern roundup, Earthquakes in Abruzzi

6 April 2009. A day in our shoes, Profile: Borut Kersevan

26 March 2009. A comic takes on CERN

9 March 2009. A mural of ATLAS, Profile: Stanislav Němeček

25 February 2009. New focus on Equal Opportunities, Party for Peter

9 February 2009. Profile: ATLAS Secretariat

26 January 2009. Address of the new Director General, Profile: Eric Eisenhandler

12 January 2009. Making ATLAS accessible again, Infrastructure maintenance



November 2008. Symmetry Magazine. Commentary: rapping physics

5 November 2008. New Scientist. A fresh start in the Alps

22 October 2008. New Scientist Blog. LHC broken, but officially inaugurated with rhymes

September 2008. Symmetry Magazine. Life at the LHC reaches fever pitch

13 August 2008. New Scientist Tech. Spin flip trick points to fastest RAM yet

31 July 2008. New Scientist Tech. Solar cell material can soak up more Sun

25 June 2008. New Scientist. Physicists atom-sorting 'demon' created with lasers

18 June 2008. New Scientist. Stressed chimps like a cuddle as much as we do

11 June 2008. New Scientist Tech. 'Electron turbine' could print designer molecules

ATLAS e-News

15 December 2008. Power down

8 December 2008. Update on the LHC, On the TGC overpressure

1 December 2008. Tier-0 on task, Profile: Chris Oram

18 November 2008. ATLAS in silver

10 November 2008. LUCID's electronics relocate

3 November 2008. Beam watch: fighting noise in the Beam Conditions Monitor

28 October 2008. LHC officially inaugurated, Classical physicists

20 October 2008. Update on the LHC, Back underground

13 October 2008. Celebrating start-up

6 October 2008. Update on the LHC

29 September 2008. Grid running strong, Profile: Soshi Tsuno

15 September 2008. First beam day

8 September 2008. Media day, Profile: Vato Kartvelishvili

[Break for August]

22 July 2008. End Cap Toroid goes under the knife, Last detector connected

14 July 2008. Cleaning out the cavern, Profile: Ferdinand Hahn

1 July 2008. Choosing the next spokesperson, Making ATLAS pop

23 June 2008. Focusing our working groups toward first data, Pipe down!

16 June 2008. Data ready: the Grid meets its Challenge

9 June 2008. Unleashing Athena, Profile: Troels Petersen

2 June 2008. Measuring space muons

27 May 2008. Pixel progress

As US LHC Communicator (okay one is from 2007)

December 2007. Symmetry Magazine. Life among the physics tribes

2 April 2008. Live Science. Building a machine to search for cosmic secrets

11 April 2008. Live Science. Physicists gear up for huge data flow

22 February 2008. Fermilab Today. Nebraska physicists track particles with pixels



December 2007. Discover Magazine. Beetle of Many Colors

At the American Physical Society

October 2007. APS News. US Physics Team Brings Back Medals and Memoriesfrom Iran

August/September. APS News. Blewett Scholarship Awarded to Archana Dubey

21 August 2007. Physical Review Focus. Watching an object go quantum

9 August 2007. Tip Sheet. Washboard roads happen

26 July 2007. Tip Sheet. Stronger evidence for human origin of global warming

11 July 2007. Tip Sheet. Microscopic polystyrene balls – now jet-propelled!

July 2007. APS News. US Physics Team Trains for Competition in Iran

18 June 2008. Tip Sheet. High-performance energy storage, Air pressure matters when landing on sandy planets

12 June 2007. Tip sheet. Pendulum finds virtual soulmate, Music: Mirror of the mind

29 May 2007. Tip Sheet. Learning, memory, and progress toward a living chip